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Norton Experiences the Rumblings of an Earthquake and Glimpses a Solar Eclipse

Elsie CarsonApr 17, 2024
Wheaton College students gathered in the Dimple to watch the eclispe.

On April 5 at 10:23 a.m.,a 4.8 magnitude earthquake originated in Tewksbury, New Jersey. The earthquake sent tremors up the East Coast, from Maryland all…

SGA Crisis of Participation

Deren SozerApr 17, 2024
SGA Crisis of Participation

Wheaton’s Student Government Association (SGA) is currently going through a period of sparse student participation. In the most recent SGA elections held in March 2024,…

Wheaton’s Bathroom Issue

Keira WhitakerApr 17, 2024
A poster designed to promote bathroom tidiness.

On Friday, March 22, Residential Life Coordinator Kheldhe Bourque sent out an email to Clark Hall second-floor residents concerning reports from custodial staff regarding the…

On Violent Imagery and Civil War

Elsie CarsonApr 17, 2024
Alex Garland's 'Civil War' poster

I saw Alex Garland’s Civil War with my friends because the movie seemed like an entertaining, if self-serious warning about how America could descend into…

Happiness is a Buttered Biscuit

John MorrisApr 17, 2024
Happiness is a Buttered Biscuit

Last month, I ventured to my favorite restaurant in the greater Norton area for a little St. Patrick’s Day brunch. I’m going to withhold from…

Former Wheaton College Lacrosse Player Charged with Sexual Assault

Elsie CarsonApr 17, 2024

Oliver La Du, 22, a former lacrosse player for Wheaton College, has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting and choking a Wheaton women’s lacrosse player…

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is underway 

wheatonwireApr 17, 2024
SAAM Calendar 2024

By Sam Ferland and Marguerite Bartlett Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is now underway with several events and discussions taking place at Wheaton during April.…

How the Crossword Comes to be

Lily MaguireApr 17, 2024
How the Crossword Comes to be

Crosswords are one of the purest forms of a puzzle, one of the originals. Dating back to Arthur Wynne in 1913, crosswords were first born…

The Crisis of Meaning: The Call to Action in our Personal Lives

Emma KeirnanApr 17, 2024

This article is part of a column that addresses Generation Z’s mental health crisis by calling attention to societal attitudes that may cause us to…

Dead Media Explorations

Michael KanyongoloApr 17, 2024
Dead Media Explorations

It may seem ridiculous now, but before our digital age of streaming and the internet, media used to exist in a physical format. Sure, you…

SGA repeals ranked-choice voting after realizing it never passed

Deren SozerApr 5, 2024
SGA logo

In a meeting on the evening of Feb. 20, Wheaton’s Student Government Association (SGA) voted to repeal the use of ranked-choice voting in future SGA…

Wheaton’s new Machines Wash Away Laundry Problems

Elsie CarsonApr 5, 2024

When Emmett Anderson ‘24 walked downstairs into the basement of his residential hall after spring break, his jaw dropped. He had spent the weeks before…

Macdonald Makes History

Jackson WalshApr 5, 2024
Macdonald Makes History

First year artistic swimmer Olivia Macdonald captured the National Collegiate Championship with her solo routine this past weekend, becoming the first-ever Wheaton Artistic swimmer to…

From the mat to the boards: Coughlin-Doyle is making her mark on Wheaton’s diving program

From the mat to the boards: Coughlin-Doyle is making her mark on Wheaton’s diving program

Norton, Mass – Fueled by tofu, pineapple, and ice cream, junior Morgen Coughlin-Doyle (Topsham, Maine) has confidently become the standard of the Wheaton Diving program.…

Brief Thoughts On The 2024 Election 

John MorrisApr 5, 2024
Brief Thoughts On The 2024 Election 

I was asked to write something about Super Tuesday and the current Presidential race, and I’m afraid I don’t exactly have anything helpful to say.…

The Story of the American Woodcock that captured Wheaton’s Heart (or maybe just mine)

wheatonwireApr 5, 2024

Birds About Town: an occasional column  If you have ever been out at night walking by parking lot 4 or if you are living (or…