Politics and Economics Wheaton

Who or What is to Blame: An Interview with Gail Sahar

The extent in which political polarization has influenced the state of politics across the United States, for better and for worse, has become the topic of numerous political conversations for quite some time now. But what most of these heated conversations fail to address is the prevalence of an individual’s political attitudes being impacted by […]

Arts and Culture Wheaton

Reflecting on Embodied Labor: Care and Control

The Motherless by Elihu Vedder – Wheaton College Massachusetts Its gold frame warmly hugging the subject within, Elihu Vedder’s small oil painting depicts a young girl sitting in a barn looking over three baby chicks. The implication is that she is not just watching them, but caring for them. The title “The Motherless” applies not […]

Architecture Wheaton

The History of Emerson Dining Hall

In our previous issue, I analyzed the history of Wheaton College’s very own Balfour-Hood Center. Conceptualized as part of Ralph Adams Cram’s 1897 campus design plan for Wheaton College, Balfour-Hood was only one of several buildings proposed at that time. Emerson Dining Hall, and Larcom hall next to it, were also part of this “new” […]

News Wheaton

Students Share Accessibility Challenges at Wheaton 

Wheaton Accessibility is technically back in business, but students with accommodations still feel the aftereffects of a rocky start to the semester.  By law, all established colleges and universities in the U.S. are required to meet all students’ accessibility needs. The Americans With Disabilities Act (1990), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973), and President […]

Wheaton Athletics

Men’s Basketball Season Concludes 

Last Tuesday in Emerson Gymnasium, the Wheaton Men’s Basketball team saw its season come to a heartbreaking conclusion at the hands of Clark 73-71 in the quarterfinals of the NEWMAC conference tournament.  Brian Walmsley’s men battled Clark for two wins that were decided by single digits earlier in the season. The Lyons saw their thirteen-point […]


The History of Balfour-Hood Center

Beginning in the 19th Century, a movement designated to redesigning cities — later called the “City Beautiful” movement — took off in many popular European cities including Paris, Vienna and Barcelona. In lieu of this movement, American cities began to take notice. First in Chicago with Daniel Burnham, the trend eventually sparked interest all the […]