The Most Important Student Printer is Gone

The removal of the Meneely printer left most students in a playwriting class unable to submit their first assignment, leaving their professor aghast to start the spring semester.

Playwriting students arrived empty handed for their second class of the semester, expecting to print their assignment before class only to find the printer was gone.

“I would often wait to print out papers to turn in right before my class started,” said playwriting student Cade Tavares. “This semester, when I have tried to do the same I have been late for classes.”

Conversations began as students filled English professor Charlotte Meehan’s introductory playwriting class, complaining about the removal of the printer.

Meehan took time out of her class instructing students to each send an email to the Dean of Students, Darnell Parker, regarding the printer’s removal.

With the removal of the printer from Meneely, all printers reside on the side of campus that primarily houses upperclassmen.

“All of the printers are on one side of campus: at the library and in the Discovery Center. Many students exclusively have class on the other side of campus,” said student Olivia Burdash. “It’s inconvenient for them to go to the other side of campus to print out material.”

Parker said that printers were removed in certain locations with “more efficient machines,” and that the Dean of Students Office wanted to, “recognize our environmental commitment to decrease the number of copies of paper being printed.”

This removal has raised concerns from students due to the high amount of printing that was done in Meneely. There is a printer in the English administration office located in Meneely, only for staff use.

“Removing one printer won’t decrease printing,” said student Emily Huntington, “People will just have to walk to the other printers now, making it more difficult.”

“Although I understand wanting to move towards using less paper, many of the classes which rely on paper copies are creative or discussion-focused. Reliance on phones and laptops in these
types of classes hinders engagement and makes for a worse classroom experience,” said playwriting student Jameson Gillihan. Gillihan also raised concern over the strain disabled students may have to experience traveling from printers to class.

Dean Parker said there was a new printer on the first floor of Watson, the building seconds from Meneely. However, students who tried to use it were informed it was not for students.

“In terms of Meneely, we are working to see what options are available to address student concerns in that area,” said Parker.

Opposing most students’ beliefs, there is a printer located on the second floor of Meneely. It can be found inside room A222, a graphic design studio at the back of the room, behind a chalkboard. Students are free to use this printer, when there is no class in session.