Meet our new Wheaton employees

In the midst of the Great Resignation, Wheaton has gained a number of new employees.  Here are three new faces to recognize around campus this year.

Leigh Kozak (she/they)

Hometown: Sudbury, Massachusetts

Position at Wheaton and what they do: I am the Area Coordinator for the YMC quad–Young, McIntire, and Clark.  I live in the residence hall and assist my amazing RA staff with programming, training, and support.  On the more technical side, I assist with on-call duties (emergency response, etc.) and overseeing the overall operations of my quad.  It’s been an interesting transition as I’m coming from the nonprofit and education sector!

Why she decided to come to Wheaton: I went to Lesley College, and I always enjoyed being a part of a small campus.  The biggest draws to Wheaton for me were how involved the students were and the opportunity to be part of a tight knit community again.  After college, I served in the Peace Corps, where I lived and worked in a small community, and I absolutely loved it.  When I was offered the position here, I jumped to say yes.

What excites them about their new position: As corny as it sounds, I would say working with the students here.  I am an educator to my core, and while teaching in the classroom wasn’t my calling, I still love working with students.  This position still allows me to be an educator in a different way by focusing more on coaching and skill development.  Also, being back on a college campus–I loved my time in school, and I hope that I can help students enjoy their time here as well.

A fun fact about her: I am an avid DND player!  I started playing during the beginning of the pandemic, and now I play twice a week and DM once a month.  My cat Larry (who lives with me in Clark) also loves to play, so I always have to have a set of dice out for him when I sit down for a session.

Victor Omoayo (he/him)

Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island

Position at Wheaton and what he does: I am the Student Success Advisor for the social science majors.  I also coordinate the Preceptor program.

What excites him about his new position: I’m most excited about having the opportunity to support a wide array of motivated, hardworking students.  I’m also enjoying getting to know and work with numerous faculty, staff, and campus partners.

A fun fact about him: I am a huge film aficionado–I own so many Blu-Rays and DVDs that my collection might qualify as a small store.

Katy Hamm (they/them)

Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin

Position at Wheaton and what they do: I’m the new Assistant Director for SAIL. My main role is directly overseeing PAC and the programs they create. I’ll also be assisting all student organizations and helping out with orientation programs.

Why they decided to come to Wheaton: Prior to coming to Wheaton, I held similar positions at 2 universities in the Boston area. I absolutely love working in student activities and orientation and getting to be a part of the growth and self-development of college students. I was a first-generation college student, and my program board advisor was an incredibly important part of my journey. I’m just doing my best to give back what I recieved. Also, I care deeply about social justice issues, and I wanted to work somewhere where I didn’t feel alone in fighting to dismantle systemic oppression. I feel valued by the SAIL team for my identities and experiences, and that was an incredibly important piece of why I decided to come work for Wheaton.

What excites them about their new position: Right now, I’m excited to learn about the students and clubs that Wheaton has and how everything ticks. When I feel like I have a grasp on those things, I’ll be excited to see how my experience can help create the best co-curricular experience for students.

A fun fact about them: I spent a few months in 2019 touring with bands (Sharptooth and Tiny Moving Parts) doing photography and merchandise management, and it was a blast. Related to that, you can see my photo work on my instagram @katyhamm or my website