Wheaton Women’s Soccer Fighting for the Goal

In the midst of a scorching hot start to the year for many of Wheaton’s athletic teams, the women’s soccer team is not to be underestimated.

Women’s Soccer. Photo by Caroline Chaffiotte.

One of their most notable games ended in a 6-0 blowout win against Husson University. This adds to the Lyons’ record of having four shutout wins so far in the season. It is clear the team is playing with aggression, as they average 18 shots per match and had a whopping 33 shots against Husson. Two players led scoring in the game: Nicole Moody ’20 and Hannah Lepordo ’22. The pair even gave each other assists on separate goals.

Excellence is nothing new for the women’s soccer team. They have surpassed double-digit win totals consistently over the past few decades. The head coach, Bobby Desilets, sports a .816 win percentage with his 19 games in charge. In addition, the former coach, Luis Reis, held a .812 win percentage over her 20-year tenure with the team. Both coaches show that success is not continued by the players alone; it is a collective effort.

Women’s Soccer. Photo by Caroline Chaffiotte.

“I believe our team is so successful because every day each player pushes each other to everyone’s full potential,” Moody ’20 said. “We hold each other accountable each practice and game. If someone makes a mistake or is having an off day the team is there to build them back up.”