Archery club hits the target

There are new beginnings in the Archery Club at Wheaton. It has gone through a reorganization process upon entering this year and is looking forward to what is ahead of them. So far, the club has added an official secretary to the staff and more events to the calendar.

A typical week for archery will include two practices: one free shoot and one structured, like on a target you bring to the event and, as they had on September 23, a foam pumpkin. Usually, a practice will start off with each person assembling their own bow. Then, for roughly an hour, each person is given three arrows to shoot in rounds, whether it be freely or for a specific challenge that has been set up by the executive board. This continues until all people have gone and put away their bows.

Overall, the club is excited to recruit new students. They are happy with the energy levels of everyone and are looking forward to community growth.

The president, Benjamin Flaum 21, and treasurer, James Stratton 21, both shared their reasons for joining the club. They stated how it was prior experience with archery that made them want to continue in college. The vice president, Veronica Fisher 21, and secretary, Eli Teitelman ’20, had a different reason for joining in that they wanted to try something new.

When asked about what obstacle the club faces, the general consensus was that, in the words of Stratton, “they are only limited by their equipment.” Some of it has gotten older and breaks. Also, people have to share their bows and arrows because there is not enough for everyone to have their own.

Regardless of these facts, the executive board is ready to face any challenges. Flaum wants to continue to keep the atmosphere of the club relaxed but fun. They are certainly headed in the right direction as Wheaton’s oldest club sport.