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Wheaton Fashion: A Blast To the Past

The 1960s and 70s were undeniably formative periods for women’s fashion. I figured, what better place to do a case study on fashion than a historically women’s liberal arts college? Enjoy this curation of scans from the Wheaton archives.

Collar Layering

Three different ways to layer a collared shirt brought to you by Wheaton alumni:

A vest, a soup neck sweater, and a necktie. 

Frances Berena McKinney ’79
Pamela Sue Hall ’78
Jean Simonian ’78

Tailored Matching Sets

Clothes just are not made like they used to be. I’m obsessed with these timeless A-line silhouettes. 

Beth Saltmarsh ’74
Cheryl Robinson ’74


I know the business casual revival is getting some heat right now, but hear me out. If the 2010s blazer is not for you, the Diane Keaton academia-esque look may be a better fit.

Christine D’ Arrigo ’79
Barbara Reese ’74
Susan Lockwood Coley ’79

Funky Patterns

Reminiscent of tops today made by UNIF, these are the originals. 

Patricia Banks ’74
Unknown Student ’74