Arts and Culture

Art exhibit was put up, vandalized, then repaired

Associate Professor of Art, Kelly Goff, unveiled a new piece of art on Wheaton’s campus right outside of Chapin Hall on Sep. 17. The sculpture is titled “Continuous Line II” and is described by Goff as “a three-dimensional drawing” It was made out of rusty steel pipes that used to be a part of Wheaton’s […]


How Have Wheaton Students Adapted to Limited Study Spaces?

As a result of the pandemic measures put in place, finding study spaces has been increasingly difficult this first month at Wheaton. This has led students to find unusual places to study and attend Zoom calls. Luckily, as of Sept. 19, on-campus students can now reserve learning spaces through the new 25 live scheduling system. […]


Duct Tape Bowling: My first two weeks at Wheaton

I’m officially through two weeks at Wheaton College: my first real foray into adulthood. Going through daily adult life is still weird. I still hate laundry, more so in the disgustingly hot laundry room. I really need to do groceries and the list of items I wish my mom would mail me grows by the day. Today, I […]