How Have Wheaton Students Adapted to Limited Study Spaces?

As a result of the pandemic measures put in place, finding study spaces has been increasingly difficult this first month at Wheaton. This has led students to find unusual places to study and attend Zoom calls. Luckily, as of Sept. 19, on-campus students can now reserve learning spaces through the new 25 live scheduling system.

Here is a look at how Wheaton students both on and off campus have adapted to studying in the age of COVID-19 over the past month. 

“My roommate had a Zoom call/her own work to do, so I went to complete my homework in Conger Commons. When I finally finished my presentation and was ready to record it, I realized I couldn’t take my mask off to speak while in the common area. The restrooms in Conger are single stall and really big so I set up my laptop in there and recorded my presentation,” said Talia Loftus ’24

Provided by Talia Loftus ’24

“My favorite study spot would have to be outside! This typically means I finally have a day off from work and am able to enjoy my morning with a yummy breakfast paired with whatever current reading I have due for my classes! This is a great way for me to take advantage of some sunshine and get some work done early in the day,” said Natalie Greene ’22 (remote student)

Provided by Natalie Greene ’22

“One time I had to take a Zoom call in my car, because I forgot about it and was reminded by a friend of mine. So, what I did was pull over and park, use my personal hotspot, and attend the meeting. It was funny, because the person who I was having a meeting with asked if I forgot and was in my car and I responded with, “Yeah I was on my way to Target, but thank gosh I brought my laptop.” It was fun and after the meeting I went to Target and came back to Wheaton,” said Jaydin Martinez ’23

Provided by Jaydin Martinez ’23

“My favorite place to study is Conger Commons because I feel like I’m going outside and getting out of my dorm even if I’m staying inside somewhere else. It’s also nice to take a nap there when no one is around and I always get to see people when I’m there,” said Carlos Yu Jr ’24

Provided by Carlos Yu Jr ’24

“I realized the night before it was due that there was a lab report that I didn’t finish.  I had a lot more of it to do so I figured I’d have to end up pulling an all-nighter.  I walked around campus for a while to get my energy up then I proceeded to sit on a bench overlooking the pond for a little while.  The campus at night is very pretty and relaxing especially when you watch the water spout on the pond with the blue lights.  After a while I ended up walking to the dimple where I stayed for around 4 hours trying to finish my report.  I ended up finishing around 7:30am and then I decided to leave the dimple and walk around to try and get my energy up.  I walked to honeydew and CVS and then to the reservoir and back.  It was a long night and a hard report, but I did it and staying out all night near the pond and then the dimple was honestly really relaxing – we have a very pretty campus,” said Antonio Polino ’24

Provided by Antonio Polino ’24