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The College Bubble Part 3: Greyhound Racing, Wheaton’s first significant Bubble Breaker

When I asked long-time Norton residents about examples of past conflict between Wheaton and Norton, a few mentioned greyhound racing in the 1930s. While none were alive for the debate itself, they still considered it a notable example of a town issue that Wheaton became involved in. Understandably, none could name the technicalities of the […]


Identity in Transition: A Gender Autobiography 

I never felt like a girl. Though I would wear frilly, pink dresses, I still had a sinking feeling in my stomach every time someone would call me anything feminine. However, what bothered me most was my name: Emily Melendez. For some odd reason, it never fit for me. But the more I confronted the […]

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The Attention Economy and Digital Journalism

The past few weeks have been filled with a variety of news stories with varying degrees of coverage. From the earthquakes shaking the cities of Turkey and Syria to the derailed train leaking toxic chemicals in Ohio, there has been a noticeable surge of stories, all of which were happening during the week of the […]