Flute Choir Adapts to the Hybrid Semester

Wheaton College’s Flute Choir recently received SGA recognition.

Formed in the fall of 2018 by Thomas Conrad ’22, Jillian Hanson ’22, Jadyn Ruzzano ’22, Sadie Woodward and Taylor Szot ’21, Wheaton College’s Flute Choir recently received SGA recognition. 

Current Co-Presidents Hanson and Ruzzano explained that they place great emphasis on team bonding. 

“Like any team, sports or dance, for example, it helps us to communicate with each other more easily, allowing us to tell the story of the music better as a whole,” the co-presidents said.

Ruzzano went on to describe the difficulty faced by wind instrument players, pointing out that it is not possible for them to wear a mask while playing. She outlined plans the group is considering for the upcoming Spring 2021 semester, like recording each part individually. 

“It’s difficult for several players to practice on Zoom,” Ruzzano said. 

In the interim, the executive board focused on fostering a strong relationship among the members. 

“Even before Covid, we tended to have bonding events like movie nights and lunch together, but during last semester, we made it a point to meet for lunch every week,” said Hanson. “Socially distanced and outside, of course, but I think it was particularly important for our relationship with the two first year students that joined.” 

The club also has a strong social media presence, curated by Sadie Drouin ’23. The Co-Presidents talked about the group’s attempts at engagement through the incorporation of interactive elements, like the “outfit polls” they run on their Instagram story.  

The Choir is open to students with any level of prior experience with flute playing, with the Presidents emphasizing their commitment to a welcoming, judgment-free space and a strong, inclusive group dynamic. 

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