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Exhibition review – To Scatter or Sow: Diaspora in Contemporary Art

Looking to take some time away from your piles of classwork as the semester begins to catch speed? Take a detour to the Beard and Weil Galleries in the Watson Fine Arts building and catch the new exhibition To Scatter or Sow: Diaspora in Contemporary Art. The exhibition is also available virtually on the gallery’s website. 

Featuring eight artists with works ranging from text-based to video, all explore the definition of diaspora and what it might mean on individual, community, and national levels. 

From the moment you walk in, you are immersed in the artwork of Alina Bliumis through the words in black ink on the walls and the prints of passport animals hanging from the ceiling. After a few steps, one becomes bathed in color whether it be by the colorful and comedic paintings by Crys Yin or photographs of Chinatown streetwear by Andria Lo & Valerie Luu. Inside of the center room, plunge into the sound and video from Isabella Cruz-Chong, getting lost in the Spanish conversations and relationships between mother, daughter, and grandmother. 

With artworks that evoke emotion and reactions from almost all of the senses, this exhibition is not one to be missed. It will be here until October 23rd, so give yourself a break from classwork and make sure to drop in, even if only for a little while.