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Chella Man and “The Beauty of Being Deaf”

In only three minutes Chella Man delivers the versatility and the beauty of being deaf. He invites you to immerse yourself into his perspective, where he discerns his obligation to advocate for himself and his fellow queer and disabled people through his short film “The Beauty of Being Deaf.” It was completely filmed underwater where the qualities of sign language are enunciated. The entrusted movements navigate us to see what it really means to be deaf. The feeling of being underwater is often compared to being deaf or hard of hearing because you cannot hear or say anything. So for however long you can hold your breath underwater, you will get a very miniscule taste of what Chella’s life is like. But he emphasizes that it is not a loss to him, it is a super power. The prejudice is adapted into strength, other senses become heightened, and all more that forms a beautiful community. We all run in different frequencies, but no one is conformed to a particular deadline to life. Chella shows how he utilizes the skills he has obtained from being deaf and his knowledge of facial expressions and body language to express himself in different art forms. If you are open to watching this film, be sure to learn more about Chella. Seeing eye to eye with an artist like him is a liberation towards youthful wisdom. What are you waiting for? See what is precious.