Double Feature: Wire Editors, Wilhite & Ramon

Carter Wilhite ’22

Carter Wilhite is the Wheaton Wire’s Politics and Economics Editor, as well as the Podcast Editor. He is a Political Science and Economics Double Major, with a minor in Public Policy. He is also on the Planning Committee for the Wheaton Leftist Union, and the Student-Faculty Liaison for SGA’s Education Council. 

“When I was looking for new staff for the Wire, Carter seemed like an obvious choice. Although I had known him somewhat briefly,  I could tell he had an interesting perspective and a good sense of humor,” said Nate Amaral ’21, former Editor-in-Chief for the Wire. “Carter is one of my best friends. If I needed someone to speak their mind, it would be Carter,” agreed Chett Vogt ’22. 

Wilhite spoke of his initial skepticism of the continued relevance of print journalism, explaining that his position at the Wire allowed him to realize that he deeply enjoyed authoring investigative pieces. “I want to do more than just report — I like writing articles that have a deeper meaning, I like doing analysis, sort of the second level of what is happening, not just covering what is going on,” said Wilhite. 

Wilhite then spoke of his position on the planning committee of the Wheaton Leftist Union. He spoke of his hope that the club would be able to work towards concrete, long-lasting impact through their student worker collective bargaining project. Wilhite also mentioned his excitement about the club’s emphasis on the promotion of political literacy. 

Amy Glover ’21, another member of the Wheaton Leftist Union, referenced Wilhite’s honesty, saying, “He really thinks through his projects and is very committed to them.”

As a member of the Education Council, Wilhite is one of the student representatives for the Curriculum Committee and the Educational Policy Committee. He explained that the former dealt with discussion of the new Compass Curriculum, and the latter worked with an assessment of new courses and special approvals. 

Wilhite concluded with an explanation of how his many roles tied to his interest in housing and urban studies. He spoke of his hope to promote sustainable housing goals and alternative housing in the United States because he believes that a mortgage-based success plan is no longer viable in 2020 and that there ought to be better options for those that aren’t homeowners. 

Carter Wilhite ’22, Photograph submitted by Interviewee

Alexander Ramon ’24

Alexander Ramon is the Wheaton Wire’s photo editor. A freshman who just joined Wheaton College this year, Ramon is currently undeclared, but spoke of an interest in Russian literature and language, taking several classes this semester in that area. 

Ramon joked about “somehow ending up,” in the position of Photo Editor, explaining that he had applied for Photographer, but took the position when it was offered to him. He spoke of a long-standing interest in photography, referencing high school participation in the creation of the yearbook and newspaper. He also spoke about how he began in photography by wanting to connect it to his poetry, needing a digital camera for a class, and now being seriously interested in photography. 

Sydney Murphy ’21, Head Editor of the Wheaton Wire, said of Ramon, “I am excited to have Alex on the Wire Editorial Board this year! He has been willing to learn new skills and has brought his own expertise to the team as well! He had former experience with photo editing and journalism as the senior editor of his high school yearbook and member of the publication team for his school newspaper.” 

Ramon is also a member of the Antiquities club and spoke of an interest in cooking, particularly baking bread.