Charles Campbell On Finding Family at Wheaton

Charles Campbell ’22, Photograph Submitted by Interviewee

Charles Campell ’23 is an Economics Major with a Math Minor. He is currently the Athletics Liaison for the Intercultural Board, Co-director of Paraiso Latino, and a member of Ohm Initiative House, Wheaton Impact Travel and the Men’s Rugby Team. 

Campbell spoke about looking for groups as a freshman, speaking about dancing a little in high school. He said, “Half of my family is Puerto Rican, so there’s always a lot of dancing when you see family,” speaking of the inclusive, welcoming environment of the group, and how close the members end up being. This year, Campbell applied for, and became, Co-Director, and spoke of his hope to keep the family environment alive, even in the odd semester. 

Morgaine Kmen ’23, the other Co-Director of the dance group, spoke of working with Campbell, saying, “Charles is a leader for those around him because people just genuinely enjoy being with him. His passion, enthusiasm, and joyful nature is contagious, and people cannot help but be drawn to him. Because of this, he leads others in such a natural and beautiful way.” 

Lucy Osornio ’23, another member of the group said of Campbell, “Charles Campbell is by far the most entertaining yet grounding person to work with. Yes, that may be confusing to some but he is brilliant. During Paraiso rehearsals the group could be feeling down, doing their own thing but as soon as Charles walks through the studio doors the room lights up and the laughter starts. I like to think of Charles as the glue of the group. He is generous, loving and so caring. He does not miss a beat in making sure everyone is feeling good and motivated to work. He is not only a great partner to work with, but he will quickly become your closest friend and confidante.” 

Their most recent event, Tabaco y Ron, was a celebration for Hispanic Heritage Month. Last year, Campbell explained, the primary focus was Hurricane Maria, and this year the club took note of the social climate of the United States, choosing to link the performance to the Black Lives Matter movement. He talked about members of the group performing poetry in Spanish and English, and about how the performance concluded with a collaboration with BSA, with both groups speaking about their experiences of people of color at a predominantly white institution. 

Campbell spoke about ending up on the Intercultural board after his friend, Justin Martinez ’22, told him about it. Martinez is the current Vice Chair. Campbell spoke of a hope to establish stronger lines of communication between the athletics department and campus through the position, referencing the Intercultural Board’s recent Town Hall as an example of the Board’s commitment to creating spaces for conversation.  

Martinez spoke of Campbell with enthusiasm, stating, “Charles is such a brilliant being who exudes a contagious charisma. He truly brightens up every room he walks into, and I can’t wait to continue to see the amazing strides he’s already begun to take at Wheaton.” 

Campbell is the Intercultural Board’s Athletics Liaison. Campbell is involved in athletics through the men’s rugby team, explaining that he had always wanted to play football, but was unable to, because of a herniated disc, and decided to join the rugby team instead. 

Campbell linked his major and minor to his involvement with Ohm House, speaking of the house’s focus on inclusivity with the STEM field and financial literacy. He spoke of his hope to work towards making those fields more welcoming for people of color. 

Campbell concluded the interview with an appeal to lowerclassmen, asking that they attempt to join clubs and participate especially in the current semester. He referenced the close relationships he had formed through his involvement with the clubs he talked about, and asked that they do their best to attend virtual events and get involved in any way!