Class Council Interviews (2020-2021)

SGA President Aba Lypps said of the class councils, “They are where you directly vote for your peers to represent you and where you serve your peers by taking on the responsibility of making clear, direct, informed decisions on their behalf. I’m really excited about working with our four class chairs – Ben Goho, Cleef Jonathas, Eva Danielson, and David Palombo.” 

Class of 2024: Ben Goho 

Ben Goho was recently elected chair for the 2024 class council. He hopes to major in neuroscience and is currently on the pre-health track, expressing an interest in using his platform to focus on mental health awareness and education. 

Goho describes an interest in student government that commenced in high school, “I built up so many skills, and I really hope they translate. I know that it can be difficult to vocalise needs and wants as a first-year, so I want to make sure that my class knows that I will speak for and with them whenever they need me to.” 

Other members of the 2024 Class Council include Rachel Hickey, Mason Willix, Brennan Parker and Bryanna Agan, all of whom Goho characterises as extremely dedicated and positive. “They’re really just friendly,” he laughs, “They’re the type of people that are really easy to talk to.” Willix responds in kind, talking of the “environment of teamwork,” that Goho has created, describing his refusal to simply conceptualise an idea without figuring out a strategy to implement it. 

Similar to the other chairs, Goho expresses an interest in working against the alienating effect that the unique circumstances of this hybrid semester might have. “Something that came up during our first class council meeting was the possibility of having a prom theme for our class supper, seeing as so many of us missed ours! We’re currently working on fundraising for that.” 

Ben Goho ’24, Photograph submitted by Interviewee

Class of 2023: Cleef Jonathas

Cleef Jonathas will be chair for the class of 2023, his second year as class chair. A Political Science major from Haiti, but currently living in Boston, Jonathas is focused on the idea of class pride and building connections through a sense of identification with the class community. 

To this end, his class council put together a contest to create a logo. Any member of the class could submit a logo for contention, and the class voted to choose their favorite, a contest won by El Thomas-O’Brien ’23. “All the logos were amazing,” said Jonathas, “The class is so talented.” 

The class council is currently engaged in putting together a Redbubble store, so that the logo can be printed on a variety of merch, including mugs, lanyards and stickers. Other projects that are currently in the works for this council include movie nights and game nights! 

Class of 2022: Eva Danielson 

Eva Danielson will be the chair for the class of 2022 this academic year. A mathematics major from East Bridgewater, MA, Danielson is described as “bubbly,” “enthusiastic,” and “groovy,” and is known on campus for her use of vaguely 80s slang and her undying adoration for every iteration of “Mamma Mia.” 

Rachel Pink, Assistant Director of Campus Life Operations, says of Danielson, “This iconic, tenacious, creative, groovy, Croc-wearing, ABBA-loving, patriarchy-smashing, ice cream-scooping Class Chair is always ready to ‘rock and roll!’ Due in large part to Eva’s passionate leadership, never has a Wheaton class council been more engaged, active and energized.”

“I think people consider 2021’s class council the important one, but I want to make sure that in every semester, and especially this weird semester, our class can connect to each other. When everyone graduates, I want them to leave with all these little connections to each other, and if I can create some of those connections through class council programs, I’ll be incredibly happy,” explains Danielson. 

Last semester, the Class of 2022 Class council received an award for virtual engagement. While not class chair at the time, Danielson was a council member, and plans to continue to attempt to connect with members of the class online. On their instagram page,  @wheaton2022_, the council is currently engaged in running a virtual scavenger hunt with fanny packs for prizes. The fanny packs contain stickers designed by Sofie Weston, the Communications and Marketing Chair, who Danielson calls a “bucket of wonderfulness.” James Sena ’22 agrees, describing her as “really easy to talk to.” 

This council also includes Carlos Corrada, the Member-At-Large. Danielson characterises Corrada as incredibly passionate, and he has earned a reputation for being approachable and caring. A member of the class of 2022, Tommy Conrad described him as the “absolute sweetest person who gives great hugs.” 2022’s class council is particularly focused on anti-racism, and Corrada recently conceptualised the creation of a list of BIPoc student businesses to be released to the campus to raise awareness of existing projects. 

The final member of the council is Pierre Morse, the Treasurer. Danielson narrates their eventful first class council meeting, explaining how Morse was so committed that when interrupted by a fire drill, he simply took his laptop while evacuating, continuing to participate. Rachel Pare ’22 describes Morse as “hysterically funny” and “conscientious.” “Everyone who knows him can’t help but love him,” Danielson said of Morse. 

Other projects that are currently in the works for this council include a COVID-19 fashion show and JackBox games. 

Eva Danielson (center), with Kimberlie Dugan ’22 and Harry Topol ’22, both wearing the class of 2022 fanny packs

Class of 2021: David Palombo 

Finally, David Palombo will be class chair for the class of 2021. An English and Philosophy double major, Palombo is constantly characterized as loyal and intelligent and is known for his dry wit. 

“David Palombo is, without question, one of the most intellectually capable people I have ever met. His sharp wit and tenacious intelligence are tempered by a deep sense of right and wrong, and a profound loyalty. David is the kind of person who will tell you that the dumb thing you did was dumb, how it was dumb, and then turn around and move heaven and earth to help you fix it. I am proud to consider him my friend,” said Ian Hamilton ’21. 

Eliza Browning ’22 shares similar enthusiasm, describing him as a “deeply caring and creative RA,” a sentiment echoed by two of Palombo’s other residents, Sydney Evans ’21 and Sierra Proft ’21. 

When describing his plans for class council, Palombo explains that he wants to make sure any events he puts together goes beyond mere entertainment. “It’s important to me that they build community, especially right now.” The marketing and communications chair, Ramya Chaturvedi, explains one of the council’s strategies to connect with the class. “I just created an Instagram account for the class council, @wheatonma2021, and I want to make sure that every single member of the class of 2021 is included in a post before they graduate!” Other members of the class council include Treasurer Paul Prue and Member-At-Large Emily Dionne, both of whom Chaturvedi characterises as “dedicated” and “committed to inclusion.” 

The council is currently working on figuring out how to make events that seem intrinsic to a Wheaton Senior year still happen in a safe manner. “Pub Night is happening!” announces Palombo, “We’re working on it!” 

David Palombo ’21, Photograph submitted by Interviewee