Bass Talks Mass: Adam Bass Gives the Story MA Politicians Are Really Telling

Adam Bass ’21, Photograph submitted by Interviewee

Adam Bass ’21 has been General Manager of Wheaton College’s radio station (WCCS) for over two years. In this time, he has helped it grow from a platform that simply had students play music to one that includes talk shows covering a wide range of topics, from sports to elections. Beginning with coverage of the midterm elections in 2018, WCCS’s stations now include several focused on politics, including “Bass Talks Mass,” “The Cod Cabin,” and “On the Ballot.” 

Given pandemic restrictions, WCCS made the decision to move towards podcasts. Harrison Zeiberg ’22, Vice General Manager of the station, is currently working on a podcast called, “A Moment In Time,” a project Bass described as “an attempt to create a piece of Wheaton history.” 

Zeiberg, in turn, said that Bass was “not only open and willing to train me in radio from the moment we met, but he also gave me opportunities to lead, and in doing that gave me opportunities to grow as a person, something I will be always grateful for.” 

Bass is also one of the four members of the podcast “The Cod Cabin,” which addresses Massachusetts politics, candidates, history, and other election news. He describes them as “wonderful people,” that he really “clicks with as a community,” explaining that they’ve occasionally been referred to as the “Beatles” of the 4th Congressional District. 

Moving online has given Bass the opportunity to interview several candidates significant to Massachusetts elections, including Joe Kennedy III and Ed Markey. Despite these high profile interviews, Bass continues to be approachable and confident with the proper preparation. When describing his preparation for these interviews, he mentioned practicing in a mirror and going over scripts. 

“I think everyone involved in politics is selling something,” said Bass. “My responsibility is to figure out what.” 

You can find more information, and his blog, on his website: