Joselin Mane Discusses the importance of the #ScholarStrike

Language is a determining factor in certain conversations. Phrases commonly used in the past are not considered appropriate in today’s world. Phrases such as “hanging in there” should no longer be used, because it is recognized as meaning that the person is holding on to life, because of suicidal thoughts, terminal illness, etc. 

The phrase “prefered pronouns” should not be used, because it implies that people can choose their gender. One is instead urged to say simply, “pronouns” when speaking of one’s identity. 

Many songs have powerful lyrics, but the phrase, “I laugh to keep from crying” stands out to Mane. He said that it reminds him that we need to keep living our lives, uplifting people even with all the tragedy around us. Smiles spread quickly, and so can laughter. 

According to Mane, there is so much news coverage of violence and other serious problems that people have become desensitized. 

The discussion about social media brought to light the difference between jobs 20 years ago and current jobs of today. In the past few decades, jobs in social media, entertainment, fashion, and consumer branding have drastically increased in popularity and necessity. 

Mane explained how much influence social media has on people. People who only follow certain accounts and platforms are heavily influenced and pushed towards one perspective. Though these used to just be “first world problems,” now even some people of developing countries have access to television or other media. 

When asked to give current college students advice based on his own success, Mane mentioned the phrase, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” He highlighted the benefits of putting oneself out there to get noticed.

“Do more than what you are asked to do. Dress to impress, dress to the level of success and professionalism at which you want to be. Don’t be afraid to take charge. We are looking to you for the future.”

Mane wants current college students to know that they have the power to make things better for generations to come. He believes that if they find that passion they have inside, they will find success. 

“Everybody has a genius. Find yours.” 

Mane encourages Wheaton students to live their college years reflecting on their goals for the future and taking those beginning steps toward changing the world. As Wheaton continues to participate in national movements such as the #ScholarStrike, inspiring people such as Mane are also spreading awareness of these important movements.