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The History of Emerson Dining Hall

In our previous issue, I analyzed the history of Wheaton College’s very own Balfour-Hood Center. Conceptualized as part of Ralph Adams Cram’s 1897 campus design plan for Wheaton College, Balfour-Hood was only one of several buildings proposed at that time. Emerson Dining Hall, and Larcom hall next to it, were also part of this “new” […]


The History of Balfour-Hood Center

Beginning in the 19th Century, a movement designated to redesigning cities — later called the “City Beautiful” movement — took off in many popular European cities including Paris, Vienna and Barcelona. In lieu of this movement, American cities began to take notice. First in Chicago with Daniel Burnham, the trend eventually sparked interest all the […]

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Cold, Cold, Cold

I think we can all agree that a few weekends ago, the nights of February third and fourth, were the coldest we’ve ever felt on campus. Whether it was traveling to the dining hall, walking to class, or even opening the window for some fresh air, we all felt the biting cold. It was strange. […]