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Wheaton’s Unsung Heroes: Katsumi

Katsumi is one of the kindest people that works at Wheaton, and perhaps one of the kindest people that I have ever met. She has been working as a cashier for Aramark for an astonishing 21 years, which is as long as I have been alive.  When I asked her what her favorite part of […]

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Reflecting on Embodied Labor: Care and Control

The Motherless by Elihu Vedder – Wheaton College Massachusetts Its gold frame warmly hugging the subject within, Elihu Vedder’s small oil painting depicts a young girl sitting in a barn looking over three baby chicks. The implication is that she is not just watching them, but caring for them. The title “The Motherless” applies not […]

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The Hottest Fashion and The Hottest Takes of the Grammys 2023

The Grammys is a music awards ceremony that happens once a year. Its purpose is to recognize and reward artists for their outstanding musical achievements. But let’s be honest, most people only watch it for the outfits and the celebrity drama.  When trying to discern what people thought about the 65th annual Grammy Awards, the […]