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The Hottest Fashion and The Hottest Takes of the Grammys 2023

The Grammys is a music awards ceremony that happens once a year. Its purpose is to recognize and reward artists for their outstanding musical achievements. But let’s be honest, most people only watch it for the outfits and the celebrity drama. 

When trying to discern what people thought about the 65th annual Grammy Awards, the first thing I asked was, “what’s an unpopular opinion that you hold about this year’s Grammys?” 

Someone made a point that I found to be particularly compelling. “I think that if Harry Styles was wearing what Sam Smith wore, he’d be significantly more hyped up.” This hot take stood out to me for many reasons. First was that Sam Smith’s outfit was, in my opinion, not particularly outstanding and was instead a bit silly. Yet, they are not conventionally attractive in the way that Harry is endlessly celebrated for, to put things bluntly. Therefore, due to the pedestal that conventionally attractive white men are placed on in culture, I believe that this person was absolutely right to claim that Harry would be admired for wearing that outfit, in a way that only Harry can be admired. 

Harry Styles’ three Grammy outfits.
Image from PageSix.

This then led me to think about what Harry infamously said when accepting the award for Album of the Year. “Things like this don’t happen to people like me very often,” which was ironic given that things like that do happen to white, conventionally attractive, British men all the time in this industry. Regardless, Harry Styles receiving the Album of the Year award brings me directly to the next point of contention: should he have?

On one hand, someone said that “I don’t think I have an unpopular opinion about the Grammys, I wanted Harry to win. I listened to that album so many times, no skips.” They followed up this thought by adding that “it was up against Renaissance, and I’m sorry but Renaissance is not Lemonade.” I think that what this comes down to is that Renaissance requires you to be in the mood to dance to every single song. So of course, when I asked someone who is quite literally always in the mood to dance, they said “mother Beyoncé was robbed again … for the third time” followed by the explanation that “Bey should never attend ever again, they need her, she doesn’t need them.” As unfortunate as it was for this Beyoncé fan that she did not win Album of the Year, I want to take the time to acknowledge that she has 32 Grammys, which is more than any other artist in Grammys History — which is a typical Bey slay. 

Next, I had to ask, “what was your favorite and least favorite outfit at the Grammys?” The honor of favorite outfit was almost unanimously awarded to Cardi B. She looked stunning, gorgeous, beautiful and iconic, to name a few things. This pile of adjectives can be attributed to both of her outfit changes, which is an uncommon celebrity dub. I think she was the only one, other than Harry Styles, who looked stunning in the silver and nailed the look without seeming like an eight-year-old wrapped her in tinfoil. 

Cardi B attending the 2023 Grammys.
Image from People magazine.

Some other notable remarks about favorite outfit included that “Lizzo also looked hot.” I do agree with the fact that Lizzo looked hot — she typically does. Yet, I will admit that her silver dress look was one of the ones that falls into my aforementioned category of “looking like an eight-year-old wrapped her in tinfoil.”

Lizzo’s Silver Grammy Dress.
Image From Vogue.

For people’s least favorite outfit picks, someone mentioned Bad Bunny, with the explanation that he could have done better than a suit with a backwards hat for the Grammys. I think that that explanation speaks for itself.

Bad Bunny’s Grammy suit.
Image from

Lastly, I asked the question we were all dying to discuss: “what do you think Harry and Miss Swift were talking about?” Despite our pillaging quest for answers, most people agreed that it was likely nothing but mere casual pleasantries. They are cordial exes and were likely exchanging hellos. There appeared to be no “bad blood” between them. 

From fashion to frustrations, that’s a wrap on what people had to say about the 2023 Grammys.