Wheaton College Represented at Miss America 2018

Wheaton College Class of 2017 graduate Katherine “Katie” Elliott of Scarborough, Maine, made the Wheaton community proud when she won Miss Maine in June of this year.

Elliott claimed that a portion of her success stems from being a part of the Wheaton community. She noted how students at Wheaton are expected to discuss difficult topics, both within the classroom and in extracurriculars, that resemble topics that are presented to contestants at the Miss America pageants.

As a psychology major and political science minor, Elliot spent her four years at Wheaton being very involved with the Student Government Association. She developed from a freshman class senator to SGA president by the time she graduated.

Headshot of Katie Elliot (Source: Wheaton College)

She used her love of politics as a means of establishing her platform for the pageant. The organization she advocated for was: Female Leadership American Government (F.L.A.G.). Elliot voiced her main concerns as the lack of women and diversity in government positions and low voter turnout.

As a student, Elliot shaped Wheaton in many ways. Her accomplishments included establishing a program that students could use to keep their school emails after they graduated and leading the initiative to install filtered water fountains around campus.

Another passion Elliot upheld was singing. She was part of the Wheaton Whims for the entirety of her college career and chose singing as her talent for the Miss America pageant.

Although Elliot did not make the Top 15 in the pageant, we’re excited to see what she’ll accomplish next and wish her the best with all future endeavors.