Providence hosts walk to end Alzheimer’s

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s was hosted in Providence, RI on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® has stepped up to become the largest Alzheimer’s event in the world. It raises funds and awareness for care, support, and research of individuals suffering with such a horrible disease.

As of presently, this organization has raised $229,104.30 and holds a goal amount of $391,279.70. This event is hosted annually in about 600 communities across the nation.

Jenny Miller, a mother of three and participant in the walk, said that she is “hoping to raise money to go towards research so we can hopefully find a cure to end Alzheimer’s so that we don’t have to worry about it for my kids and their kids.”

Amanda, a volunteer at the walk, came with her friend from class who recommended they go to support the cause. A mother and daughter named Julie and Susan have brought their family of fifteen members along to the annual event, religiously, for the past 8 years. Julie has been devoted to supporting her beloved grandmother who she lost to Alzheimer’s.

Paul Miller, whose mother-in-law currently has Alzheimer’s, said, “You must never try to put pressure on them to remember.” He gave advice about treating those with the disease respectfully. He elaborated on how they just want to lead a normal life and don’t want to be treated as though there is something wrong with them.

The walk is a strong way to bring light to Alzheimer’s issues and is appreciated by the entire surrounding community.

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