Wheaton address sexual misconduct prevention

In light of changes made last week to the federal regulations on campus sexual misconduct policies, Wheaton has announced that they will guarantee that every individual should have equal access to educational programs and opportunities.

President Hanno stated, “We are committed to continually seeking the most effective ways of preventing sexual misconduct and responding to incidents when they occur.”

Wheaton not only has programs such as the Sexual Misconduct and Assault Resource Team (SMART) to help with prevention, but also the counseling office as a resource for students to confidentially report any misconduct observed or experienced on campus.

SMART is focused on educating students about staying safe from sexual and interpersonal violence on campus. This is in hopes of preventing misconduct within the community.

The coordinator of the resource team, Courtney Ruggles, said, “We want to make sure that SMART is delivering programming and information that is relevant, engaging and helpful, and there is no way to do this without input from different areas of campus. Being able to work with passionate and creative partners is one of the best parts of SMART.”

The group consists of a variety of community members, including staff, faculty and students. Their passion grows as they help create an environment of non-violence and safety, focusing on the development of healthy relationships, gender awareness and social prosperity.

As posted on the Wheaton College website: If you or someone you know is having an urgent psychological crisis, please come directly to the Counseling Center, call Public Safety at 508-286-3333, ext 3333 or 911.