Thriving theme houses

Theme houses are asserting their presence on campus in the midst of a new school year. Among the houses that have already hosted events within the first month of the fall semester are: SOHL House, House of REPS, ECCO House, CHILL House, Peace House, Renaissance House and Computer Science House. In addition, collaborations between theme houses as well as between clubs and houses are flourishing this year.

On Sept. 21, Peace House collaborated with Farm House, Art House and House of REPS to host a potluck in honor of International Peace Day.

House of REPS and SOHL House collaborated on Sept. 23 to host a South American Politics and Culture event. The event included traditional South American food and diverse discussion. Among the topics discussed was the current political and economic crisis in Venezuela.

Renaissance House, the History department, the Biology department and CID (Counsel on Inclusion and Diversity) collaborated on Sept. 25 to host a talk on The Search for Human Origins, exploring the region of South Africa and its ties to the dawn of human beings.

Collaborations will continue to occur and gain attention throughout the semester. One upcoming collaboration is between Feminist Association of Wheaton (FAW) and CHILL House on Oct. 18. The collaboration includes tabling in Balfour Cafe and a collective meeting at CHILL House in honor of International Love Your Body Day.

In addition to collaborations, individual houses have been very active on their own so far this year, as evidenced by the frequency of events and planning for students.

ECCO House hosted a potluck to kick off the year, exhibiting its close-knit atmosphere and energy-efficient attitude on Sept. 17.

Sept. 29 was a big day for houses on campus. Wheaton’s newest house, CHILL House, hosted a creative event in which fellow Wheaton students could listen to an art history talk and decorate their own mason jars, among other things. Computer Science House also hosted its annual Binary BBQ.

The Wheaton community looks forward to participating in upcoming theme house events and collaborations.