The Residence Hall Association

If there is anything that everyone at Wheaton College can agree on, other than the lack of quality of the food at Chase, it’s that community is a big part of our college experience. This has always been true at Wheaton, but be prepared because this small community is about to get a lot stronger with the introduction of our chapter of the Residence Hall Association.

The Residence Hall Association is a national organization with chapters all around the country. Alicia Moquin, the assistant director of the RHA, is the reason that Wheaton’s chapter now exists. Having previously worked at several other colleges and universities, Moquin noted that the Residence Hall Association was each of their “crowning jewels.” Last year, Moquin reached out to a select group of trusted students and asked if they were interested in forming this association. They got together and made plans for initiating the RHA this fall.

One of these students, Grace Malian, now President of Wheaton’s Residence Hall Association, talks about the benefits of having this chapter in place. The RHA aims to “promote diversity, inclusion and a sense of community.” Wheaton hosts a lot of events but there will be a push for greater attendance at these events.

The association “wants individuals and groups to feel supported.” The way they are doing this is by getting people excited for events through advertising. The larger the audience for an event, the more the performers/ athletes/ individuals feel comfortable and validated.

The objective is for there to be “no cliques, no awkwardness and to make the most of a small school.” RHA events or the push for attendance will promote this as there will be a greater sense of community. More people will meet, bond and share experiences together, turning the Wheaton community into one similar to that of a state school.

If community and student life is something that interests you, you may want to consider joining the Residence Hall Association. “Anyone and everyone can join,” Malian says, “ideally the entire campus would be involved.”

Classes of 2019 – 2022 are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings and to share their opinions. Time commitment should not be a concern, whatever you can offer the RHA will gladly take. Hour-long weekly meetings are held on Wednesdays from 6:20 p.m – 7:20 p.m at Knapton Hall, room 114.