The New and Improved Wheaton Wire

The spring semester is here and with it comes fresh challenges. New classes, new clubs, and new sleeping schedules to adjust to all make these first few weeks a time of great stress, but also a time of great reflection. It’s a time to think about the lessons you learned in previous semesters and apply them to the situations around you—after all, new semester, new you. Well, here at the Wheaton Wire, we’ve done some reflection of our own, and will be changing our all-powerful publication in several, key ways that’ll make it even harder for you to put your copy down after picking it up Wednesday mornings as you all undoubtedly do.

The first change made to the paper should be fairly obvious—we’ve rebranded visually. In an effort to further connect with you all and keep the Wire feeling up to date with the current aesthetic trends in print journalism, the logo has been redone. The previous design will forever hold a place in all of our hearts, but it was time for the paper to get a facelift. Our commitment to modernizing the Wheaton Wire goes beyond a redesign, though, as we’ll also be focusing on making the paper even more interactive. We do not only want to report passively on Wheaton’s culture, but actively take part in it. The Wire will continue to provide the latest news breaking on campus, but it will also work to infuse larger, investigative pieces on a regular basis into the content rotation. It is a priority for everyone on the Wire staff to deliver engaging, exclusive reports to the community with professionalism and journalistic integrity.

These new changes and goals only represent the print side of the Wheaton Wire experience, though. Modern journalism is pivoting toward the digital space more and more all the time, and it’s high time that the Wire got on that wave. In the spring semester, the team will be doubling down on the paper’s social media presence, delivering exclusive, short-form content directly to the community on a regular basis. The Wire is staffed by several film majors who’re going to bring creative and entertaining material to the Wire social media accounts regularly, so you aren’t going to want to miss out.

While these goals may sound ambitious, the Wheaton Wire staff is committed to making the paper an integral part of campus life. This semester, each issue is going to be an event. Picking up the latest copy, pouring over its contents, and engaging with the Wire beyond the page is going to be a fundamental part of the Wheaton experience. If you would like to be a part of the next chapter of the Wheaton Wire and play a role in shaping our shared campus experience, there is no better time than now to join in. The Wire is currently recruiting new writers, and anyone is welcome. The more fresh perspectives and worldviews represented in the paper the better, so if you’re even slightly interested, feel free to drop by the next meeting to talk to the staff and get a feel for the creative energy that courses through each and every issue of the paper. These sessions happen every Tuesday evening at six o’clock in the 1960s Room of Balfour. You’re not going to want to miss it.