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Larisa Shepitko: Ukrainian anti-war filmmaker who dug deep into human psyche

As war rages on in Ukraine, the distinct cultural identity of the nation has come under increased interest. One of Ukraine’s major cultural impacts that is often overlooked is in the realm of cinema. From early pioneers like Alexander Dovzhenko, Dziga Vertov, and Maya Deren to more contemporary directors such as Kira Muratova, Ukraine has […]

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Modern Russian Imperialism

On the night of Feb. 24, I was horrified when I encountered the news about the Russian “special operation” in Ukraine. The thing everyone had been discussing for weeks but refused to believe had occurred. Being from Belarus, I cherish and respect both countries and their cultures. In this article, however, I would like not […]

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The Russian Ukrainian Conflict, Explained

As Russian forces mobilize on the Ukrainian border, many Westerners may see more similarities than differences between the two countries. Both are countries in Eastern Europe, use the Cyrillic alphabet and were parts of the USSR. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin said last year that “Russians and Ukrainians were one people – a single whole,” stressing […]