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6 Korean Dramas to watch on Netflix this Spring

Written by Khushi Parikh and Mesalenuo Tsurho. Genre: crime, dark, high school, thriller  Oh Ji-soo is a model high school student, or so it may seem. He leads a double life, anonymously running a security service for sex workers using a throwaway phone to earn tuition for college. But a series of unexpected events leads […]


Euphoria: The Rebirth of the Shared Television Experience?

Will Rue ever become sober? Will Maddie (insert Alexa Demie’s voice) ‘li-Ke literally’ kill Cassie? Is Sam Levison a creep? The HBO Max high school drama, “Euphoria,” seems to be all anyone is talking about. Recently renewed for a third season, the entertainment company A24’s refreshing take on the high school drama genre has been […]


Why is Reality Television so Popular?

With The Bachelor finale just a few weeks away I feel it is important to ask, what is it about reality television that has everyone continuously tuning in ratings? Although you may not watch reality TV yourself, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore. Within recent years, the realm of reality television has grown immensely […]