Sweet Stuff Bake Shop Opens in Norton

On Thursday, September 16th, Sweet Stuff Bake Shop officially cut the grand opening ribbon at their new brick and mortar store, located about two miles from campus. During the transition from home to in-store, Sweet Stuff Bake Shop is continuing its small-batch, handmade baking methods. 

Most people on campus have known Sweet Stuff Bakeshop as the predominant made-to-order home-based bakery in the Norton area. If you were lucky enough- maybe your parent(s), guardian(s), or a close friend sent you something sweet and an unflattering photo of you was posted to the Wheaton Parents Facebook page.

How did it all start?

11 years ago the owner of Sweet Stuff Bake Shop, Melanie Barrick, started her home-based bakery in Norton and became a licensed residential kitchen. In 2015, a ‘Wheaton mom’ called Melanie and ordered a birthday cake for her son. Melanie took a picture of the delivery for the mother (with permission, of course). “It is going to make her day to see this,” she thought. 15 minutes later, Melanie’s phone started ringing. The photo had been posted on the Wheaton Parents Facebook page and other parents were wanting to do the same thing for their kids, sparking a phenomenon that has yet to subside.

“I always tell parents there is no good or bad reason to send a treat. If you love them, send them a treat.” Melanie remarked.

Currently, Melaine continues to fill the orders of Wheaton parents from finals week “survival kits” to Savory dishes for kids sick of the dining hall. However, students can now stop by order for themselves. Sweet Stuff Bake Shop is located on 4 Olympia Street in Norton and their hours are 10 – 6p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.