Student Engagement Assistant in SAIL and the New Club Hub

Calling all club leaders!

Come sail the seven SEA’s!

A new position has been created in the SAIL office with the title of Student Engagement Assistant (SEA). As many clubs on campus are proactively hosting events, SEAs are now available to aid those clubs that are struggling to kick off the year with activities and collaborations. These new members of SAIL are students who understand the challenges clubs face throughout the year and also the organization processes of SAIL. The SEAs will build capacity for the SAIL office and be student advocates for clubs that need extra support. One of the new SEAs, Jocelyn Mora ’20, said that “The new SEA position is a great source of aid for clubs and organizations on campus.” SAIL is pushing for larger events in clubs and can help with marketing to create a successful turnout. Another SEA and President of BAC, Arianna Pesarik ’19, said, “I think the SAIL SEAs are a very valuable resource to club leaders. If a position such as this had existed when I first became a club leader, I think the transition would have been a lot smoother, as there would have been another resource for guidance on leading a club.”

In addition to the new job at SAIL, the SGA room is beginning to be made available to all clubs for event-planning workshops. Mora described the Club Hub as “A great space for clubs to host meetings, to obtain resources, and to work on club projects.” The Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Leadership and the head of SEAs, Donnie Taveras, said, “This space provides opportunities for any clubs who want to have a space to meet, use supplies and get extra support.” The whiteboard in the SGA room is designed like a calendar for clubs to mark their upcoming events. This visual chart will give each club an idea of possible scheduling conflicts. Pesarik said that with student participation, they are going to be “Making the space into something different. There is more room for collaboration, and it is much easier to find materials that clubs may need for events.”

The Club Hub is having an Open House on November 16 at 2 p.m. This will be a chance for students to preview the SGA room and give feedback on what supplies would make the space more productive. Taveras said, “Honestly, if I had something like this in college, I would have been so much more productive. We will have coffee in the space and snacks, so if you just wanted to catch up with a friend, or talk about collaborating on an event, you can sit back in the balcony nook towards the back, sip your coffee and make things happen!” Students are always welcome to take advantage of the newly available space. “SGA and the office of SAIL are excited to provide club leaders with a space they can call their own. This would not have happened without SGA, specifically Sophia Hatzikos ’19 and Olivia Benissan ’19 and their efforts to provide club leaders the support they need,” said Taveras.

SGA has been planning these changes for students based on input received from club leaders when reflecting on past experience. “Our vision for the Club Hub [is] to provide a space where clubs and organizations can meet, collaborate, and seek out any materials they might need.  PAC, the SEAs and Student Bankers, and Finance Committee operate out of the space, which is more functional than the Rhodes Office. [The] Student Government [Association] has taken feedback from students to help make this space more functional and open to the greater campus community. We are still open to and encourage feedback!” said Benissan, SGA President.

Who are the SAIL Student Engagement Assistants?

Mateo Espinosa Tokuhama ’19

Will Laplaca ’20

Jocelyn Mora ’20

Arianna Pesarik ’19

Darshil Rathod ’19

Marcelle Zaccour-Cabal ’21

Donnie Taveras (SEA Leader and Assistant Director for Student Engagement and Leadership)

SEA Office Hours:

Monday:   10-2, 4-6 p.m.

Tuesday:  10-2, 4-6 p.m.

Wednesday:  10-1, 2-6 p.m.

Thursday:  10-3, 4-6 p.m.

Friday:  10-3 p.m.