Constant Beat of the Campus Radio Station

Wheaton College is not only fueled by club activities, incorporative events and the bustling of classes, but also by the constant beat of the campus radio station. The hosts encourage students to tune into their 24-hour programming. The Active General Manager, Adam Bass ’21, describes the station as a way for students to “show who they are to the world.”

The station has 40 shows run by students of the Wheaton campus. A few to check out are: The Good Hour hosted by Teddy Haddow ’19 and Timmy McCormack ’20, and Living hosted by Olivia Moura ’22. The executive board, including Bass, Harrison Zeiberg ’22 and Jacob Libby ’22, is currently working out how to offer T-shirts to students who support and participate in the radio station.

Radio Headquarters. Photo by Lily Fiore.

They have an Instagram account, ‘Wheatoncollegeradio’, where you can find pictures of the recording space. Also, to tune into the radio station, visit the website: or select 96.5 on your phone or computer! If you would like to set up a show, simply contact Bass at: As he says, “If it’s not WCCS it’s not entertainment!”