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SGA discusses “Club Congress”

The Student Government Association (SGA) discussed plans for a meeting of club leaders, which was deemed “Club Congress,” at their recent meeting on Oct. 14. The proposal was originally titled “The Wheaton Coalition of Club Leaders” and was a group proposal brought forth by SGA Vice President, Abby Cook ’22, and presented by SGA President Aba Lypps ’21. The proposal sought to “establish the Wheaton Coalition of Club Leaders” which would “contain 2-3 members for each club” to meet “over a weekend… to tackle issues relevant to the Wheaton Community.”

It was eventually decided that a decentralized model would be followed, with Class of 2021 Member at Large, Emily Dionne, suggesting that the process be delegated to individual clubs to decide who to send to the event. Sofie Weston, Class of 2022 Communications and Marketing Member, suggested that “clubs could add a position of [Club Congress] Delegate,” which would allow clubs to make another coveted position that is not directly on the executive board. Emiliano Herrara-Rosa, Class of 2023 Member at Large, suggested that a 50 dollar credit be allocated to any club that sends a member to the Club Congress.

The proposal was a group exercise designed to facilitate discussion and allow for an easy amendment process to further involve newer members of SGA, with Cook calling it “[intentionally] half-baked.” The proposal was noted and voted on, but it is likely that it will be so at a future meeting when all of the details are decided upon. Cook noted that “sometimes Senate meetings are all about discussion,” arguing that the proposal did its job and allowed for a lot of discussion.

SGA Treasurer, Sophie Waters ’23, led a review of Halloween at Hanno’s, first brought to attention last week by the Outreach Committee. Waters presented a spreadsheet where SGA members could sign up for various roles to assist with the event, such as “Tour Guides” and “Take Down.” Waters noted that stories from Chapel Night will be told, with Chapel Night having been canceled due to Covid-19.

Weston asked whether costumes worn by SGA members needed to be scary or not, with Waters responding that “[President] Hanno would be there” and suggested that the costume be “something you could sneak around in.” Lypps responded that they “didn’t care if you come dressed as a toaster or as a nurse.” The event will occur from 4 to 7 p.m. at President Hanno’s House on Oct. 31, and the Outreach Committee noted their “excitement… plan[ning] the spooky walk,” as well as their “ideas how to institute the 6-foot rule, and how to use that to [their] advantage.”

Lypps, announced a “[new] podcast called Presidential Updates” where Lypps will “be updating [the community] on Presidential Updates” every week and will be released through WCCS “every Tuesday.” Lypps noted that they want to “focus on student art, music, and writing” in addition to Presidential election updates. SGA also played a Kahoot where they discussed bylaws, constitutional laws, and other important SGA topics, which was won by Rachel Hickey, Class of 2024 Treasurer.