Arts and Culture

Let’s Speak About it

Speak About It, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, gave a moving performance for the Wheaton community on Sept. 11 and 12. While there were many laughable comments and great dance moves, the audience remained silent during the authentic recountings. The performer’s well-practiced dialogue and interesting acts made the heavy topic easier to talk about. 

Speak About It focuses on the importance of healthy sexual relationships and the specific definition of consent in relation to sex. The educational performers use fictional skits and original journals from victims of sexual assault and individuals battling with relationship problems. Actors Jacob Osborne, Jenna Hess, Jeomil Tovar, Katie Roberts and Meg Lynch, strive to generate discussions amongst high school and college students that concern healthy communication in relationships. The five-person show is focused on engaging the audience to convey the importance of safe consensual experiences in contemporary society. 

Their performance teaches that talking about sexual assault is extremely important, and there are many resources available to Wheaton students to do so. Those include the Sexual Misconduct and Assault Resource Team (SMART).