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Album Review of “NFR” by Lana Del Rey

With the end of 2019 slowly creeping upon us as each day passes, it’s safe to say that Pop Music has never sounded so extravagant and full of life. Although she is no stranger to personality within her previous records, Lana Del Rey’s new album, “NFR,” serves as a testament to the life of a young, 21st century Los Angeles woman who is searching for love in all of its possible locations, but is still not satisfied.

Through its nearly 70 minute runtime, Lana takes listeners on a journey through a loveless, yet sexually liberated Los Angeles, where finding happiness can be an everyday struggle. This is one of the most exhilarating albums you will hear this year. While this record is one of the softest sounding pieces of music recently released, each line sticks to you like an unforgettable pain that you cannot seem to shake, or even make sense of. 

Poignant lyricism, coupled with sharp and psychedelic piano ballads, as well as heart wrenching vocal performances, all come into full effect on this album. Each track plays out as little vignettes that accurately portray the pain that can surface while searching for true love and acceptance in a place where it doesn’t seem to exist. Despite some flaws concerning the record’s runtime, this album is nearly perfect and is a definite recommendation for anyone who has ever felt like they were missing something vital to them. 

Album Rating: 9/10