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Gallery Review: a nerve is not a nerve but a bundle of fibers

The constant pressure to be a profound academic sometimes warrants a need for escape. “Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness,” said textile artist Anni Albers in her famous quote.

There’s a certain atmosphere that sits in the Beard and Weil gallery that emulates just that, a small place to escape, laden with beautiful art and free of harsh fluorescent lighting. 

The gallery currently in place is one both literally and figuratively weaved with intention and beauty. The exhibition: a nerve is not a nerve but a bundle of fibers, features the work of seven artists working with textiles to push aside their perceived functionality or decor and instead communicate ideas surrounding identity and culture. 

Ranging from upholstery to reworked sneakers, the exhibition holds a range of textile and fabric displays that impose color, sensation, and thought into the viewer. The pieces evoke a feeling of inspiration, as so many different stories are portrayed through the uniquely crafted mediums. 

If you need a break, the gallery is a great escape, especially considering how exceptionally beautiful the current exhibition is. A nerve is not a nerve but a bundle of fibers will be in the gallery until March 28 so find some time soon to pop in, even if it’s just for a minute.