Double Feature: Wire Editors, Buehner & Beaudoin

Abram Buehner ’23

Abram Buehner is the Wheaton Wire’s Web Editor. He is a Film and New Media Studies and English double major. He is also a writer for CBR, or Comic Book Resources, a website dedicated to the coverage of comic book-related news and discussion. 

Buehner, as Web Editor, is responsible for formatting and scheduling articles for the WordPress site that the newspaper utilizes. He attempts to improve engagement and user experience with the site, and he spoke of an established familiarity with WordPress from his work at CBR and other freelance writing. 

Buehner talked about a long-standing interest in Journalism, explaining that he had hoped to focus on it in college, and chose his majors after a realization that Wheaton did not offer a Journalism major. He spoke of an enjoyment of the flexibility offered to him by his choice of majors. 

Professor Jim Byrne spoke of Buehner with enthusiasm, stating, “He has been a truly fabulous student to have in the two classes I’ve been lucky enough to have him in. His enthusiasm for and engagement with the readings has been such a boon for the classes. The astute insights and challenging questions he has brought to the class have helped raise the tenor of the class discussion every time. In short, he is the kind of student Wheaton strives to cultivate: intelligent, insightful, and with an enthusiasm for learning that shows exceptional potential for academic and professional achievement. In an adjective, I would describe him as “brilliant”.” 

Buehner is also on the May Fellows advisory board. He spoke of an interest in helping first-years to connect to one another through various events the board plans. 

Will Coleman ’22, another member of the advisory board, said, “Abram brings a thoughtful sincerity and academic curiosity to the May Fellows Advisory Board that has made him an invaluable part of the work we do. From his freshman year and on he has grown into the role, truly making it his own–he’s a real joy to work with and I’m so excited to see how he continues to meaningfully contribute to campus life!”

Buehner’s key focus is working to help people recontextualize media in different ways, but besides this, he is interested in mental health advocacy as well as advocacy for physical fitness. He joked about most of his interests and activities being “less active,” explaining that he wanted to work to make sure he is engaging with physical activity as well. 

“Abram was one of the first friends I made at Wheaton, and I am so glad I met him. He is my best friend and someone who makes Wheaton one of my favorite places to study. His company is one of the reasons I miss Wheaton tremendously, and he inspires me to become a better person each day. I am so glad we became just amazing friends, and he is truly one of the most important people in my life. I admire his dedication, sincerity, hard work, and general awesomeness. He is winning life 🙂 ,” said Sanjana Kulkarni ’23. 

Abram Buehner ’23 Photograph submitted by Interviewee

Delaney Beaudoin

Delaney Beaudoin is the Wheaton Wire’s Managing Editor. She is a Political Science and Women and Gender Studies double major and is considering a minor in Journalism. On-campus, she works in the Arts Department and participates in Babe Lincoln. She is also an intern for a company focused on healthcare, as a part of their business development team. 

“Delaney is a trusted member of the Arts at Wheaton staff serving both as a member of the Box Office Team and as one of our Social Media Team. We love the enthusiasm, energy and laughter she brings to the office,” said Jessica Kuszaj, Associate Director of Arts Events & Publicity. Ben Cohen ’22, Opinions Editor for the Wire, agreed, saying, “Delaney displays leadership in everything she does, and her social media work blows me away every time I see it.”

Beaudoin explained that she had been a part of the wire from her freshman year, beginning as a writer, holding the position of Features and Arts & Culture Editor at different points. Currently, she is focused on rebranding the wire, figuring out the future for how the Wire promotes and publishes. She runs the social media section, specifically Instagram, and sends out weekly emails promoting the Wire. She is also engaged in creating templates for future print publications. 

“Delaney is really passionate about the power of good journalism and the importance of civic engagement within the Wheaton community. She somehow finds a way to become involved on campus in all of her many interests, ranging from Political Science, Women’s and Gender Studies, journalism, and the arts. She can also think of a fitting joke for any situation or crowd. When I first met her in our assigned room at CORE and we both started laughing for no reason before introducing ourselves, I knew I had just befriended a stand up comedian,” said Jeanne Bedard ’22.  

Delaney Beaudoin ’22, Photograph submitted by interviewee