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Dance Fest 2024: Momentum, A Major Success

Momentum saw big numbers, with over one thousand people who came to show support for the five groups performing this past weekend. 

Since 2012, Dance Fest has been a way for student-run organizations to show off their hard work and creativity. Students choreographed, practiced, and mastered multiple dances cooperatively. Their tireless work was obvious in the electric performances from TRYBE, Paraíso Latino, Tap Out Loud, KAOS, and S.O.L.E. 

One sophomore co-choreographer of TRYBE and Tap Out Loud, Avya Crosby, talked about how working collaboratively with other members was so much fun. “I love seeing people bring my choreography to life, especially on stage with all the lights. I felt like all my visions were met when it came to performing those dances,”  said Avya.

Images from: Trybe and TapOutLoud Instagram

The time spent on all of these dances continues to pay off. Members of dance groups from other colleges were thoroughly impressed with all of the group’s performances. As dancers, they were able to appreciate the skill, difficulty, and nuance that non-dancers in the audience didn’t necessarily see. 

Another freshman member of S.O.L.E., Brie, spoke about how fun it was to be apart of a team. “It feels nice to be a new member of S.O.L.E., they make it a very open space for new members and ensure that we feel comfortable coming to them if we need help.” 

Images from: Trybe and TapOutLoud Instagram

Brie also mentioned the delights of  performing in front of so many people, “it was my first time getting to perform with the real lighting, and getting to see that extra layer of detail added made the performance feel and look even better!” she said.

The performances inspired audience members across the board, relighting passions for dance and motivating audience members to join one of the featured clubs/groups. Over the two hours of the performance, there was a steady flow of energy and excitement from the audience. Viewers jumped up and down while screaming their friends’ names, and each and every dance began and ended with deafening applause.