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Work, work, work it out: a go-to gym playlist

1. Feeling Myself by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce

Let’s start this playlist off right, with the Queen B and Nicki. This song is inherently powerful – it’s about being into yourself, and when you’re working out you better be getting into it. Your body’s a temple so treat it right, and treat your ears right while at the same time.

2. The Greatest by Sia

This song really sends chills down my spine. Not only is Sia such a powerful vocalist, not only are her music videos always super intense, but this song is so empowering in the best way. My biggest problem is the gym is my stamina and Sia repeating in my ears “I got stamina” really get’s me moving my tired ass.

3. Confident by Demi Lovato

The title of the song says it all, friends. Plus the lyrics get me so fired up. “What’s wrong with being confident?” Nothing, Demi, thank you for reminding me.

4. Uma Thurman by Fall Out Boy

So we’re getting close to the end of this workout, but we aren’t giving up yet, it’s time to go fast. Fall Out Boy packs so many words in one verse it’s like they’re running a marathon, and with a voice telling you in your head that you can move mountains, surely you can conquer that treadmill.

5. I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

Is my hipster trash side showing? Sorry, not sorry. This song is so inspiring, and it’s just reiterating what we all want right? TO GET BETTER, and that’s one reason why y’all are going to the gym. Or at least, that’s why I go. Get a better bod, get a healthier lifestyle, just be better (and sweatier, and more tired, but whatever that’s besides the point). The chorus of this song is one I want to scream like a mantra while I stretch my poor body to its breaking point, so I hope it inspires you too.

6. You’re Gunna Go Far Kid by Offspring

Being told to “Dance, Fucker, Dance” makes me want to prove to this guy that, yes!! I WILL dance! Even though I really can’t dance. I’ll jog on that treadmill like there’s no tomorrow to make up for it. But I’m sure you, yeah you, reading this right now, you’re probably a fabulous dancer. Go dance your heart out, friend.

7. Down by Marian Hill

You may start hearing this and think “wow, piano? Really, Angie? This is a bit tame.” Well, hold up there, because DO YOU HEAR THAT VOICE? Her voice is only a bonus really, because when you get to the breakdown the beat this song drops is a great tempo for lifting. I can hear it now and I almost wish I was at the gym. Either way this song is such a satisfying ear-gasm I had to put it here.

8. I Don’t Fuck with You by Big Sean ft. E-40

If you’re like me, your biggest problem with the gym is all the other people cramping your style, or, more to the point, making you question every little movement of your poor unhealthy body. So this song is an A+ pick. Yeah, it’s a bit angry, but sometimes when we’re on that treadmill and we see the super in-shape person KILLING IT, it’s better to be angry than to be sad and give up, right? Added bonus: The music video is all about winning that game, so you win that workout!

9. Shake Me Down by Cage The Elephant

Ending it with a nice, uplifting rock tune with some positive vibes. That’s always what I want out of a workout, so I’m sending those vibes your way in the form of print media! So stretch and breath, be proud that you got out of bed and went to the gym today, and keep your “eyes fixed on the sun.”

10. 7/11 by Beyonce

The Queen B is back again, which this ‘get up and move’ song. The beat and the repetition makes it really easy to focus on counting your sit-ups or reps, and your feet just want to move to that rhythm like they were waiting for you to play this song. Give your feet what they want, give them Beyonce!