Wheaton Words: Monologues created by students, for students

Inspired by The Vagina Monologues, but frustrated by the lack of creative control, the founders of Wheaton Words gave students an alternative forum to express their thoughts. Since then, Wheaton Words has become a staple for student-run performances on campus. “There’s no involvement from faculty and staff,” said Wheaton Words 2017 co-host Caleigh Grogan ’18. “This is all about student ideas and actions.”

Students who write monologues for Wheaton Words can be as involved with as much of the production process as they’d like. This year, writers have been very involved, as 10 are performing their own pieces, with two that will remain anonymous. “Many of our writers have never performed before, but they all have something to bring to the table,” explained Co-Director Audrey Dubois ’17. “For sure the atmosphere is a little laid back, but the show is definitely professional.”

The monologues will cover a number of topics – particularly focusing on identity, sexuality, heartbreak, love, parental relationships and, reportedly, intestines. By covering a number of topics, Dubois and Grogan hope that the dialogue at Wheaton Words will transform into a community-wide conversation.

Wheaton Words is free and open to the public. Performances are this Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Cole Memorial Chapel. “It’s the same show, three nights in a row,” Dubois noted. “Not a three-part series.”