Wheaton steps up for hurricane victims

Many world-renowned organizations are generously helping out the victims of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. These include nonprofits such as Save The Children, Texas Diaper Bank and All Hands.

In recent weeks, Wheaton has been making efforts to help raise money to fund such organizations. On September 1, the Meadows Dorm held a bake sale and was able to raise a total of $1,700. Wheaton invites all students and faculty to reach out and contribute to organizations such as The Red Cross and Salvation Army. The Wheaton community understands that even the smallest act could help people recover from these disasters.

Discovered as only a strong storm off the African coast in early August, Hurricane Harvey traveled northwest and hit the Texas Gulf Coast on August 25 as a Category 4 hurricane. The next two victims, the Gulf of Mexico and Cameron, Louisiana, were hit just five days following the hurricane’s appearance in Texas. Harvey was the strongest hurricane recorded since Hurricane Wilma 12 years ago, and another contender is already on its way.

Hurricane Irma began in the Atlantic Ocean and has been recorded as one of the strongest storms in the ocean’s history. The devastating storm has destroyed the island of Barbuda, parts of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Cuba and the coast of Florida. The death toll rose by the hour as this deadly hurricane smashed into homes, schools, stores and office buildings. More than seven million people in the Florida area were asked to evacuate. Many people are now homeless and have only nonprofit organizations to lean on for survival. It is these people that students and faculty at Wheaton seek to help through their donations and support.