Wheaton gets into the Halloween spirit

Part of the Presidents' House on Halloween Photo courtesy of Dennis Hanno's Instagram @dhanno
Part of the Presidents’ House on Halloween
Photo courtesy of Dennis Hanno’s Instagram @dhanno

Yesterday the campus was teething and alive with festivities for Halloween. The administration and students helped to celebrate the holiday in grand fashion with events and activities taking place both prior to the holiday and on it.

President Hanno (who dressed as Tom Brady) offered candy at his house to students, as it was his second Halloween here at Wheaton. While the treats were being given out, an element of scariness was added the day before Halloween actually took place. The Anime Club held their annual Walk of Courage through the woods outside of Beard Hall on October 30. Also on October 30 SHAG hosted the Amazing Sexual Race, which was a very creatively fun sexual health trivia scavenger hunt. For those more inclined to do something more relaxing, pumpkin painting was also an option on Halloween.

The first official dance of the year (also the first Wheaton dance ever for the class of 2019) was held in Haas Athletic Center. The dance, along with costume parties, inspired many students to really dress up and show Halloween spirit. Some students dressed up multiple days as opposed to simply one. Costumes ranged from classical superhero costumes to more current and unique ones, such as one honoring the late Cowduck.

Some campus events have still yet to take place, but most of those are student run. While the environment of Wheaton remained the same (aside from a few decorations in Chase), the atmosphere of Wheaton was spirited this Halloween.