Wheaton College Conservatives club event rescheduled

The Wheaton Conservatives’ first guest speaker event was scheduled for Monday, Oct. 30, but was canceled due to the power outage on campus. The event was meant to feature Massachusetts State Senator and Minority Whip Patrick O’Connor.

O’Connor serves as the district representative for Plymouth and Norfolk county, representing nine different cities in the region. He is one of only six Republicans on the Massachusetts State Senate.

O’Connor had intended to speak about the role of local government and its evolution over time, as well as his early career in politics. He also planned to touch on the policies he is working on at the moment.

Steven Kimball ’18, president of the Wheaton Conservatives, is currently working with O’Connor’s office to reschedule the event for next semester. This is the Wheaton Conservatives’ second year with a proper charter, and O’Connor would have been the first ever guest speaker for the club. Through this event, club leaders hoped to draw more student interest.

This is only one of the many ways in which the Wheaton Conservatives have been working to foster active discussion within the Wheaton community. The Wheaton Conservatives meet weekly on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Lyons Lounge and are always seeking new members.