Update: Early voting in Nevada sparks lawsuit from Trump campaign

Image result for nevadaThe Trump campaign has lodged complaints against the state of Nevada, a key battleground state that could swing either in favor of Trump or Clinton in this election.

The Trump campaign has asked a local judge to isolate and hold all ballots from four key polling locations today, believing that these early voting locations. His campaign believes that these early ballots were cast after polls had closed, and therefore should not be counted. The judge overseeing the case has rejected Trump’s request at the moment, according to CBS News.

Polls in Nevada closed at 8 PM on the early voting day in question, however there was a line of about 150-300 people outside. Current voting laws in the US require poll administrators to allow all those in line at the time of closing to vote, despite the polls technically being closed.

The Trump lawsuit is important in that Nevada is a state currently projected to swing towards Clinton, according to polling website FiveThirtyEight. Any challenges to the votes cast there could drastically change the outcome of the election.