Trivia take-down: how to win Loft trivia nights

Here’s a trivia question for you: how can you win more Lyon’s bucks? You may have noticed some of the fliers around the Emerson area advertising Trivia Night at the Loft, where the prize for the winning team is 100 Lyon’s bucks.

Unfortunately, my team only secured second place. However, Trivia Monday is shaping up to be a monthly event, which means that we can still redeem ourselves; this also means that I have time to reflect upon what makes a winning trivia team.

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the particular game of trivia you are about to play beforehand. For example, the event at the Loft was run by Trivia Tyme, and bonus points were offered right away to teams who included a code word in their team name. The game consisted of four quarters with bonus rounds. The questions came in many formats, such as a Wheel of Fortune puzzle and a Family Feud round. My team has mostly played Stump Trivia and was unused to the new format, but now we are definitely more prepared to come back next month!

It also helps to make sure that your trivia team has a diverse set of members, so choose the people you invite strategically. For example, my team has two members who study Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, so the scientific questions that arise are answered without fail.  Two other members are Political Science majors, so they can answer many questions about Current Events, History and Geography. Since I am majoring in Latin, I am able to answer questions concerning the definitions of words; a good sense of language is also particularly helpful with Trivia Tyme due to the Wheel of Fortune round. You must also know a good deal of Pop culture, especially concerning movies and music, since there is always a bonus round that requires you to guess a musician or actor.

Sports and food are also common topics; in fact, there were two questions about alcohol at the Loft game alone—probably due to the fact that trivia nights are often held in bars, but good to know regardless. In short, you want to surround yourself with all types of people. Even if this means you can’t keep all of the Lyon’s bucks yourself, a good team is always worth it.

Now, you are ready to start preparing for the next trivia competition. Just be warned, my team will be there, prepared for a comeback!



Ready to play?


Loft Trivia Nights will be held at 10:30pm on the following dates:

Monday, March 18

Monday, April 15


Teams must be made up of two or more Wheaton students.