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LaFontaine ’16: Top three August albums

FKA Twigs – LP1

FKA Twigs recent album, LP1, is a strange mixture of R&B, electronica, and trip-hop. The most striking thing about the album is Tahliah Barnett’s very unique, high-pitched voice.  It’s very emotional and at some points haunting. The electronic instrumentals, which were created by an eclectic group of top-notch producers, give her voice guidance. Backed by delicate synths over a variety of different electronic percussive noise, this album sounds like the future of R&B.

Favorite tracks: Two Weeks, Pendulum

Mick Jenkins – The Water[s]

The running theme throughout the mixtape is water, and how it’s a vital resource. This mixtape’s beats are well produced and are minimal, spacey and ambient. It helps create a “watery” atmosphere that matches nicely with the album’s natural themes. The lyricism is conscious and poetic, and Jenkins delivers with a very relaxed flow. As a whole, the mixtape is subdued; it’s not something to be played at a party or before a football game, it’s more an “end of the night” listening experience.

Favorite tracks: Comfortable (feat. No Gypsy), Jazz

Spoon – They Want My Soul

This is the only album of the three I think you could show to your dad. It’s grungy alternative rock with a clear Pixies influence. Spoon’s been churning out albums since the 90’s and unlike some of their contemporaries, they refuse to sink into obscurity. Britt Daniel’s growly voice might take a little getting used to, but this album is packed with solid songs that all could be singles in their own right.

Favorite tracks: Rent I Pay, Inside Out