The Wheaton Wire Wakeup

The Wheaton Wire Wakeup

~ A Weekly Morning Podcast ~

It’s time to wake up with The Wire! Modeled after the likes of Up First and The Daily, listen to our new weekly, early morning podcast covering everything from campus-wide news stories to global, national, and local news. Curated info that college students actually care about! The podcast will be released weekly on Thursday mornings just around 9 a.m. EST. The Wheaton Wire Wakeup is run by Managing Editor Delaney Beaudoin ’22 and Editor-in-Chief Sydney Murphy ’21.

The Wheaton Wire Wakeup News podcast by The Wire


Main points covered:

  • Presidential search
  • Mental Health Everfi Training Course
  • Ongoing investigation of the defacing of posters for the MLK events last week
  • Chase / Dining Service updates
  • Vice President for Student Affairs search
  • SGA elections
  • Spring activities fair
  • Theme house cleaning services

Transcription of the podcast:

Welcome to the first episode of the Wheaton Wire Wakeup, which is a weekly or bi-weekly podcast depending on what we feel like waking up for. This is a podcast that delivers curated info for college students. News that you actually care about on a global national local and Wheaton-specific scale. I guess we’ll do intros first, so I’m Sydney and I’m the editor-in-chief of the Wheaton Wire and I am a senior this year. I go by she/her/hers pronouns and I am studying Neuroscience and German which don’t have anything to do with journalism. But she is valuable! I am a Political Science and Women and Gender Studies major with a minor in Journalism. We will be starting with Wheaton news today ––the most important news to know. One thing that’s happening on campus right now is the presidential search, so the campus is looking for a president who is going to take over President Hanno’s position as President Hanno had sent out an email at the beginning of the semester stating that he is planning on ending his term at the end of 2021. So to learn what they are looking for in a new president they are hosting different meetings with alums and the meetings are going to be Monday, Mar. 1 from 11 to 12 p.m. and on Tuesday, Mar. 2 from 6 to 7 p.m. And the zoom links will be attached to today’s article and so I actually I got to talk to Hanno about his plans for after Wheaton and just what he’s thinking about how Wheaton is going to continue on this search and I actually got to write an article about that interview so if you want to learn more about his side of the story then please check that out on our website. You may or may not have seen an email in your inbox regarding any mental health Everfi training course. This course was originally implemented for first years during their orientation process, but was pushed by Dean Zach Irish and Valerie Tobia to become mandatory campus-wide trainings. There was an issue with this decision to make it mandatory referencing the triggering nature of some content throughout the course the unideal timing in regards to work and stress loads and the mandatory requirement despite lack of warning in an email. The accessibility boards and Irish commented we felt it was important to provide additional resources for students in addition to the teleservices at the counseling center and the introduction of a thriving campus in this unique Academic Year as we all navigate the pandemic both on and off-campus. There will be a zoom meeting with the accessibility board and Zack Irish and Valerie Tobia this Friday, Feb. 26 regarding this decision to make it mandatory. Students may fill out a Google form voicing their concerns and points they would like to be addressed at this meeting which we will link in this article. Side note: Valerie is the head of the Wheaton Counseling Center.