The Freshman Experience

The jump from high school to college is a big one and it brings with it many new opportunities and experiences. Wheaton College is a wonderful community with so much to offer. I interviewed fellow freshmen to see what their experience at Wheaton has been like thus far.

To start, I asked the most pressing question: How’s the food here? As much as students may claim to get bored of Chase Dining Hall, it seems to be a popular place to eat and the unlimited swipes freshmen are allowed for their first semester here is a major bonus. 

Some Chase favorites include the ice cream, the late night fries and burgers and the pasta station. Nicole Janerio ‘23 says that “ice cream is the best food at Chase” and “Mountain Dew is the best drink.” Jorge Peña ‘23 likes the sandwiches, late night burgers and fries and the potatoes and eggs at breakfast. 

We may only be on week four since move-in, but so much has already happened on campus; including many fun events, club meetings, and sports games. Brianna Perrot ‘23 says that her favorite experience on campus has been “joining new clubs such as PAC, Best Buds, First Year Ambassadors, and Colleges against Cancer”. 

Clearly, Wheaton offers a wide variety of engaging opportunities. Beyond just clubs, there are exciting performances, like the hypnotist show, to wrap up a great orientation weekend. In fact, Janerio’s favorite experience at Wheaton so far was “getting hypnotized at the hypnotist show.” She owned the stage: dancing, laughing, and even marketing made-up online dating apps. 

Sports also play a major role in the Wheaton community. Wheaton offers varsity sports from baseball to volleyball to even a Division I synchronized swimming team.

 Students also have the opportunity to join club teams and try sports they have never had the chance to try before. Peña’s favorite experience on campus has been joining the rugby team and playing in his very first rugby game. 

Finally, one other aspect of the freshman experience shone through: the ambition of the class of 2023 is incredible. Peña explains what he is most excited about accomplishing throughout his Wheaton career. He plans on “not regretting a single thing [he does] here at Wheaton. [He’s] going to do four different sports in four years [and] going to work extremely hard to get a job at Google.” He says, “I’m going to build my resume through all the clubs that I can do here on campus. I’m going to do every single thing I can to be the face of the school.” 

The community at Wheaton College foster’s drive and determination. Janerio aspires to “make [the Wheaton] Dance Company and hopefully becoming president of Dance Company and TRYBE.” She also wants a chance to study abroad, get an internship, conduct research with a professor, and be a SGA member. 

From dining halls, to club meetings, to internship opportunities, Wheaton is home to a fantastic class of 2023 who is so happy to be part of this incredible community!