The Antiqueties Club

During the Activities Fair that took place just last Friday on the Dimple, I got the chance to speak with Corynne Breen ‘20, who happens to be the president of the Antiquities Club here at Wheaton. I took this opportunity to gather some information about the specifics of this new club and was met with some exciting answers.

The interview began with inquiring as to when exactly this club was started, to which she replied that this club is in fact brand new to Wheaton, as it was only started by her this semester.

I then asked her what exactly the Antiquities Club is about and how they intend to enrich extracurricular life on campus. To this, she replied that the club is intended to be for those students who interested in ancient cultures, namely the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome, but the focus of the club is certainly not limited to those two eras alone.

Antiquities Club Booth. Photo by Lily Fiore.

According to Breen, the antiquities clubs meeting schedule isn’t in place officially as of now, but the first meeting will be held on Thursday the ninth at 6:30 p.m. in the Lyons Lounge, which is located in Balfour. All prospective club members should attend this first meeting as the schedule will be outlined and the weekly meeting time decided on.

In these meetings, members can expect a multitude of different activities that revolve around the classics. Some of these will potentially be trips to the MFA, collaborations with other clubs and various interest based meetings in which members will engage in conversation about their favorite aspects of ancient cultures. This will also be the only club to hold a toga party.