Be Counted: The State of Voting

One of the foundational myths of the United States is that to be a citizen is to be counted by the State. The truth is that the only formal way the population is counted is through the census that is conducted every 10 years. The census always represents in some part the biases expressed by […]

From the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Voting. While I’d love to write a whole article on Halloween and its lore (trust me I would), we should discuss what’s on everyone’s mind, as fast approaching ballots are due and every station is tuned to policy discussion and hearings. For college students,it is an especially complicated discussion when it comes to home and […]


Midterm Elections

The midterm elections are crucial to Wheaton College, Massachusetts, and to the United States of America as 35 Senate seats and all 435 House seats are up for re-election. Across campus and social media, Wheaton students are reminded that their vote is important When it comes to the Senate, Massachusetts Republicans are working on selecting […]